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We have been active in the field for over 5 years, we make metal containers at high standards.

We put the customer’s needs first.

We have the technical knowledge and skills to model the product according to customer requirements.

We make sets of containers according to customer specifications.

We offer our customers a wide range of containers, at efficient prices.

We offer advice to the client on the spot.

Containere metaliceContainere metalice

We have been making containers and garments for over 5 years, we offer our clients consulting and a wide range of containers at efficient prices. For us, the client’s need is a priority.

The container assemblies are made to order, according to the client’s need and desire. We use only the best quality materials to offer our customers high quality containers. All containers purchased from us benefit from the guarantee and the assembly can be done in your location for a fee.

We offer new and guaranteed products. The containers to be purchased will be designed and analyzed before production. We support the realization of projects before the purchase with the help of our specialist in metallic architecture.

From these containers can be made modular and simple offices, guarded crossing points, security rooms, housing in ensembles both in length and width and height, thus managing to satisfy any need and desire of the client – this method of housing increases the economy budget and time, excluding the time and materials needed to build the walls. The exterior and the interior insulation can be achieved much more efficiently in terms of budget and time.

We make cabins for security staff and security cameras for customers who want to purchase such custom containers.

Containers for office space are often found in residential sites where offices for architects, sales agents, etc. can be established. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions and can be equipped with various layers of insulation to maintain a constant temperature and to prevent the appearance of moisture in the room.